About Us

Our Mission

Apulian roots, European networks and global mindsets connecting ideas, people and resources to empower international organizations, fast-growing companies and aspiring astropreneurs.

G-nous is a consulting company operating in the space economy sector, with a focus on downstream projects. We look to the future and create synergies between space, industry and research, to address disruptive innovation.

Designing the path that starts from the idea and reaches the market, we bridge different ecosystems made of innovative entrepreneurs, leading high-tech companies and institutions/European policymakers to build sustainable business realities.


From strategic planning to targeted support, g-nous provides years of experience and expertise in the space sector to handle a broad spectrum of innovative projects.

Aware of the disruptive impact of space-derived technologies on business and societies (and vice versa), we take space-.based projects from vision to completion while minimising hurdles and maximising value.


Innovation is one of the greatest challenges for today’s organisations, when businesses want to remain relevant whilst everything around them is changing.

Our team helps companies to unleash their potential leveraging on resilience. We implement a comprehensive and multi-stakeholder approach to help companies achieving their strategic innovative solutions.


Our approach focuses to unveil innovative perspectives for sustainable developments, providing reliable criteria for the proper use of resources and for the evaluation of outputs in terms of economic, social, and environmental impacts.

g-nous facilitates businesses bringing together the key dimensions of sustainable project development to create value in the long term.

Our Team

Ruggiero Giannini

Chief Executive Officer

Guglielmo Giannini

Chief Operating Officer

Davide Giardino

Business Development Manager

Giulia Bordacchini

Space Economy Officer

Nicolò Andreula

Senior Advisor

Noel Green

IT Advisor

Elisa Ventrella

Project Manager

Elisa De Matteis

Business Intelligence Data Analyst

Pierre Cailleau

Project Manager