space-based innovation
for a sustainable future

Project leadership

We design agile processes and deliver holistic services for venture building: our holistic approach allows us to handle multidisciplinary technology and market challenges, leveraging on open innovation networks for fast and effective development of sustainable business solutions.

Through agile design, we lead multi-stakeholder business projects, collaborating with companies, institutions and entrepreneurs coming from different industries and sectors, to raise flawless networks and out-of-the-box products in response to market needs, from technology feasibility to industrialization and business launch.


Cross-sectorial opportunities development for innovative applications

Ecosystem of technological and sectorial partners

Feasibility assessment, business plan and go-to-market

Human and intellectual resources for business start-up

Connection with investors and institutional partners for funding

Stakeholder engagement

We design thematic initiatives through platform thinking, supporting organisations reaching out their targeted audience.

Through this approach, we act as a multi-stakeholder platform, building and animating communities in different verticals, designing stakeholder-stimulation initiatives and developing open frameworks aimed at creating shared value.

Stakeholder engagement

Thematic events with high-level speakers

PR and communication strategy and plans

Community building and animation

Conceptualisation and management of physical and virtual platforms for match-making

Tailored market-stimulation programmes

Technology integration

We provide end-to-end solutions by combining R&D, trade-off analyses, scouting, and integration space, terrestrial and marine technologies.

We devise integrated solutions that leverage different approaches and technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, satellite data analysis, Internet of Things, business intelligence, agile software development and advanced manufacturing.

technology integration

Design and development of AI-based algorithms for data regression, classification and prediction

Development of technological solutions based on the exploitation of satellite data

Data visualisation solutions to gain insights for business intelligence and improve decision-making processes

Data analysis of advanced manufacturing processes for performance evaluation, predictive maintenance and DSS to improve Industry 4.0 technologies

Assessment, design, and development of new products, leveraging on multiple technologies (i.e. satellite data, automated systems, IoT, computer-vision, AI)

Our Partners and Clients


Aether is an innovative custom software solution merging business intelligence with agile software development and creative data visualisation.

Through dynamic web-based dashboards for data visualisation, providing immediate, visual, interactive and user-friendly access to information, Aether allows an easier understanding of trends and key figures in support of decision making processes.

Aether improves the understanding of business and allows to take informed decisions.

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