Research support for decision making

Data is the new oil, but only if you know how to turn it into fuel for everybody’s machines, screens and eyes.

In the recent past, the European Space Agency expressed the need for improving the quality of the reporting towards its Member States’ Delegations, as well as their capacity to quickly grasp their meanings and implications.

With such issues in mind, last year g-Nous launched a pilot project called Aether (, an innovative tailored solution that, merging business intelligence with agile software development and creative data visualization, provides vivid, interactive and user-friendly access to the information.

In November 2019, g-nous delivered the first Aether solution (Proof of Concept) for the ESA Industrial Policy and Auditing Department (Aether on ESA-EROS): the results have been so overwhelmingly positive that several stakeholders have expressed interests in applying the Aether framework to their own dataset and visualization needs.

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