Telemachus -TELEmedicine Monitoring And Collaborative Hub-and-spoke System

Telemachus is a biomedical system for the remote treatment and monitoring of users’ health conditions and positioning, based on a smart bracelet, a mobile app, and a web dashboard

g-nous is proudly leading a (south-)Italian industrial consortium developing Telemachus, an innovative technological solution aimed at combining Space, Earth, and reshaping tele-healthcare. 

Our contribution wants to converge through the implementation of a system that can optimise, support, and manage spread-prevention, early warning, diagnosis, and treatment, by employing new paradigms and workflows. 

Telemachus is a certified telemedicine tool, that allows to:

· monitor users’ positioning within indoor/outdoor environments,
· remotely treat patients, through detection of vital parameters and interaction with doctors,
· obtain qualified data to conduct epidemiological analyses and extract predictive models. 

CERTIFICATION: International Protection - IP57 Rating and Medical Device class II 

INSIGHTS: location-based services (based on GNSS), indoor position tracking, AI, Machine Learning, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). 

STATUS: Demonstration project co-funded by ESA, in cooperation with MITD and ASI.

INFO: Official Web Page:

REFERENCE: ESA Project Page:

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