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What we do

Project leadership

We originate and collect business ideas to turn them into sustainable realities, assembling and leading multi-stakeholder coalitions. Our strength lies in agile design and management of complex and critical projects. We design efficient processes, deliver holistic services and build effective networks of partners for fast and flawless implementation.

  • Identification of cross-sectoral opportunities for innovative applications inside/outside the space sector
  • Creation of consortia, connecting potential investors, clients, institutional and business partners
  • Opening channels and pushing proposals for funding opportunities
  • Network development and community building
  • Set-up and implementation of Project Management Office

Stakeholder engagement

We design strategic and thematic initiatives to support our clients’ business and thought leadership. We help industries and institutions reach their target audiences through innovative events with disruptive formats and high-levels speakers, from tech and space sectors. We curate content and take care of every detail, from concept development to the public outreach.

  • Concept and tailoring of thematic events and strategic initiatives (hackathons, workshops, exhibitions and TED Talks)
  • Event preparation and end-to-end execution, including content support
  • Speaker scouting and selection for high-profile events
  • Physical and virtual platforms for matchmaking (connecting ideas, skills and resources)
  • Design execution of PR and communication plans

Business intelligence

We apply an engineering approach to help clients understand their business by transforming data into information and information into knowledge. We extrapolate trends, key figures and outlooks to provide executives with the key elements to take the right choices, through in-depth analyses of internal information systems. We design decision-making processes with innovative solutions for interactive data access and visual synthesis at multiple levels.

  • Innovative solutions for data analysis and visualization
  • Data research and synthesis tailored to customer needs
  • Benchmark and audit of internal IT systems
  • (Re-)engineering of forecast systems, scenario planning and simulations
  • Design and background research for executive reporting

Go-to-market strategy

We bet on brilliant companies and entrepreneurs with potential to expand their technology and services in the space sector, and vice versa. We strongly believe in the power of innovation and ideas, constantly scouting for startups, strategizing launch roadmaps, fast-tracking access to various funding schemes. We leverage our network to find partners and clients among private and public organizations, across different geographies, segments and industries.

  • Scouting for spin-ins and spin-offs (tech transfer from / to space industries)
  • Design and execution of launch roadmaps
  • Access to finance and alternative funding schemes
  • Facilitation of partnerships with incumbents and multilateral organizations
  • Lead generation with private and public sector clients in different geographies, segments and industries

Policy Advisory

We maximise diffusion and impact of innovative technologies in everyday lives, space economies and societies at large. Aware of how constrained policymakers can be in terms of money, time, and political capital, we help them prioritize policies to attract investments and improve returns of financial and human capital. We leverage on our global knowledge and expertise of best practices and lessons learnt about tech spillovers and ecosystem development, to design tailored approaches for bottom-up boosts of local realities.

  • Impact evaluation and estimation of consumer, business and societal benefits of disruptive technologies
  • Playbooks for set- and scale-up of high tech industrial districts
  • Ex-ante refinement and design of policy proposals
  • Ex-post evaluation of national and international regulations and incentives
  • Benchmarks with international best practices and lessons learnt

Our Partners

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