ESA Downstream Gateway Workshop "Space for Cultural Heritage"

In February 2021, g-nous conceptualised and organised the ESA’s Downstream Gateway Digital Workshop "Space for Cultural Heritage".

The one-day Workshop gathered ESA experts and key actors from the field of Cultural Heritage to showcase the benefits deriving from space-based data, innovative applications, and further improvements of cross-sector technologies.


The event was introduced by the distinguished ESA Director-General Jan Wörner, along with the Director of The UNESCO World Heritage Centre Ms Rössler, welcoming the attendees and providing global space and terrestrial standpoint over current and future cross-tech implementations.

The three different panels hosted the discussion ranging from a policy perspective, main opportunities, trends, and challenges of the field, passing through users, and stakeholders' points of view, innovative applications, and services, heading where space meets culture: an overview of ESA’s involvement in Cultural Heritage.


Panel 1 :

Panel 2 :

Panel 3 :


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